Lecture Title Description
"When Is a Scrap Quilt Not a Scrap Quilt?" NEW! This program invites the answer to the question and illustrates with lots of quilts. Are they scrap quilts or aren't they? We will begin with what your definition is and then see what quirky ideas Kathy has. Lots of laughter, lots of quilts, lots of food for thought.
"Do Humble Beginnings Mean a Humble End?" This lecture/trunk show is the journey Kathy has taken from beginning the joy of quilt making (very humbly, indeed) to the present
"Just What DOES the Judge Look For?" This interactive program takes a look at what the judges look for when judging quilts for competition. Kathy's experience as a judge and lots of quilts will give participants a sense of what makes an award-winning quilt and what doesn't.
"The Mystery of Color Solved" The program covers all the aspects of color from the color wheel and color schemes to the various types of contrast. The lecture includes lots of quilts - most that work and some that don't. Participants will then leave with some "formulas" that will allow them to choose fabrics for their next quilt with ease.
"If I'm the Applique Queen, Where's My Crown?" This "strictly applique" trunk show follows Kathy's love of applique from the beginning to her award-winning work now. If you love to look at applique, you'll enjoy this program!
"The Challenge - It's a Mystery to Me!" This program takes an amusing look at Guild Challenges, personal challenges and Mystery Quilt projects that Kathy has known. Lots of quilts and lots of laughs!
Workshop Title Description
"Strip Pieced Mariner's Compass" This is not paper pieced, there are no templates. It really IS strip pieced! Honestly! You will learn how to use make the Mariner’s Compass with strip piecing and a special ruler that cuts the perfect angles for this dynamic block. You will also learn two different methods of setting the circular star; in a circle and with square corners. We will discuss fabric choice when working with this block. And we will discuss the proper pressing methods so as not to distort your block as you construct it. 6 hr workshop -confident beginner and beyond.
"Beginning Hand Applique" A happy sunflower, large leaves and fun prairie points and this 3-hr workshop will get you started in the wonderful world of the A word! Needle-turn applique saves time and frustration! Learn the secrets of perfects points, smooth curves and plenty of tricks to make applique fun and beautiful. Workshop includes original pattern. -beginner and beyond (hand)
"Applique is Painting with Fabric" Kathy has learned applique techniques from some of the best applique artists around. Combining the best from the best and techniques of her own devising, she has designed a 6-hour workshop full of tips and techniques to make your project sing. Workshop includes original pattern. -confident beginner and beyond (hand)
"Everything You Want to Know About Applique But Are Afraid to Ask!" NEW! This 6-hour class is strictly technique driven - no project to begin, so no UFO to finish! Using scraps, learn a variety of techniques that will help you in all your future applique projects. This is a very thorough class that includes everything from choosing a pattern, appropriate fabrics, the best tools for the job and techniques for success. This workshop is excellent for the beginner as well as the experienced applique artist. 6-hour workshop.
"Template Free Applique" NEW! In this 6-hour workshop we will be learning the techniques to complete the "Baltimore Pods" block and the double dog-tooth border, without having to first make templates or an overlay. Techniques in this workshop include, but are not limited to, needle turn applique, inside curves, outside curves, outside points, tight curves, tiny circles, bias stems, fine outlining and border repeat planning. 6-hr workshop for confident beginners (some applique experience).
"Not Your Grandma's Applique" Precise layered applique without marking ANYTHING?! This 3-hr workshop is fun and amazing. You won't believe how easy it is to make wonderful layered designs without ever picking up a pencil! Original pattern included. Participants should have applique experience
"Applique the Celtic Way" The Celtic Knot alone is dramatic. But add it to your applique and your design will really pop! This 6-hour workshop will give you all the information you need to add drama to your applique. Kathy's original design for this small wall quilt, "The Boiler Tulip", is a perfect exercise to learn the techniques and become familiar with the process of accenting your applique the Celtic way. Workshop includes pattern. -advanced beginner and beyond (hand)
"How Did She Do That?" The unique border treatment in the Applique the Celtic Way Workshop is easier than it looks and offers all sorts of design possibilities. This 3-hr workshop will give you all the simple steps to accomplish this dramatic effect for your next applique project. Workshop includes original pattern. -advanced beginner and beyond (hand)
"Lovin' Celtic" This workshop starts the same as "Applique the Celtic Way" but the border changes to "love knots." Kits available for national shows.
"Hearts for You" NEW! These easy hearts look so elegant! You will learn a wonderful way of stitching with bias tape and you’ll be surprised how fun this technique is! The workshop doesn’t quite need 6 hours but you will enjoy how much of this pattern you get done. 6-hr workshop for beginners and up.
"Double Heart Applique" NEW! While this is a very old pattern, the techniques we use are modern and can translate to all manner of projects you may wish to accomplish. In this 3-hr workshop, we will learn the techniques and tips that make this type of project very enjoyable and satisfying. -for confident beginners and up.
"Papercuts from Baltimore to Hawaii" NEW! In this workshop we learn about folded and cut applique. Instead of folding fabric and cutting, we will learn the techniques of designing on freezer paper first. Then we will transfer that to fabric and learn some techniques and tricks for appliqueing your design. 6-hr workshop for confident beginner and up.
"Adding Texture to Your Applique" NEW! This is a technique class. We will explore various ways to create rouched flowers, dimensional buds, both single-color and two-toned, and other techniques to add texture and interest to appliqué projects. 3-hr workshop for confident beginners and up.
"Applique: it's in the bag!" Sometimes you just want a simple project to see if you'd like the technique. This is it! In this 3-hour workshop you will learn the hand techniques Kathy uses to make perfect points (innies and outies) every time, learn 3 methods for machine applique and then you'll be able to make her interpretation of this simple little bag to hold scissors and thread for your next small stitch group meeting. Kits available for national shows.
"Dimensional Flowers with Ribbon" NEW!This workshop is an excellent introduction to the dimensional flowers so loved in the Baltimmore Album revival quilts. a technique class - intermediate beginner and beyond (hand)
"Easy Trapunto" Adding relief to your work through Trapunto work can add such interest! This 3-hr workshop gives you Kathy's easy methods of adding surface relief without pain - it's so easy! Use your own pattern or one Kathy provides. -beginner and beyond (hand)
"Hand Quilting is NOT Dead!" Have you been wanting to get back to the origins of quiltmaking? Are you a little tired of quick, easy, fast? Do you agree there is just nothing like hand-made? Join Kathy as she guides you through the wonders of hand quilting. A 3-hour workshop will concentrate on stitching. The 6-hour workshop will delve into the freedom of designing your own templates, marking your quilt AND stitching. -beginner or beyond
"Back Basted Applique by Machine" NEW! No templates, no fusible, no glue, no stiffness, perfect machine applique. This easy technique is fun and fast. 6-hour workshop. Pattern provided.
"The Basics" Sometimes the new and fast tips and tricks can cause us to forget the basic skills that we need for accurate piecing in our quilt making. This workshop is designed for the new quilter and the not-so-new quilter who wish to improve their quilt making skills. This 3-hr or 6-hr workshop concentrates on piecing skills that will be with you throughout your entire quilting life. (machine)
"Seeing Stars" Kathy has designed a quilt in 3 sizes that really can be accomplished in a very short amount of time! (She took 3 1/2 hours from first cut to the final press to make the baby quilt!) This is an easy quilt full of tips and tricks. Great for beginners and experienced quilters alike! 6-Hour workshop includes the original pattern.
"Prairie Star" This 2-day workshop is perfect for a retreat. Tips and technique abound so as to successfully complete (or nearly complete) this Lone Star quilt with applique. Workshop includes the original pattern.
"The Mariners' Compass is Our Friend" You have no reason to fear this block! This workshop teaches a technique of drafting the Mariner's Compass and piecing it with ease and success. Two styles of compasses are drafted; the traditional 32-point, and a non-traditional square star. This is a 3-hour or a 6-hour workshop, depending if learning to draft the star or drafting and sewing. -advanced beginner and beyond (machine)
"Celestial Roses Retreat" NEW! This workshop is a two-part workshop that is the perfect choice for a weekend retreat. The workshop combines the Mariners’ Compass workshop with hand appliqué for a truly dynamic result. The workshop includes this unique pattern and covers a multitude of techniques. 2-day workshop for beginners and up.
"Foundation Paper Piecing" This workshop is an excellent introduction to Paper Piecing. This hands on, 3-hour workshop involves working on a pattern Kathy designed and calls "Lovin' to Sew."
"Twilling and Filling" It looks like Candlewicking, but its not. It acts like Macrame, but its not. This easy embroidery stitch will add texture to your quilt top before you quilt and it can even add texture as you quilt. The sky is the limit with this stitch! In this 3-hour workshop, Kathy shows you how to start adding interest and tactile embellishment to your quilt with just thread and needle! This is a technique class and results in no specific project.
"See It - Go Home and Do It" NEW! How many times have you heard from your membership, "I don't need another project!" while you're trying to fill a workshop? I teach technique more than projects (but always provide a project for those who need something to show for their time in a workshop).

My new workshop is purely technique. I will show, in detail, various techniques and than your membership can go home and try it on their own with their next project. The beauty of this workshop is I can tailor it to YOUR needs. Just let me know what you want. Can be a 3-hr workshop to 6-hr, for beginners or more advanced.

I have a camera and projector. This means EVERYONE can relax in their chair and see UP CLOSE what I am doing. No standing, no trying to see over someone's shoulder. Everyone is up close and personal.

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