Between Needles #11


English made quilting Betweens - package of 10. These very short needles allow for excellent control, therefore an excellent stitch.

Sharp Needles #12


English made fine needles for any hand stitching - package of 10. A fine needle makes a fine stitch!

Straw Needles #11


English made applique needles - package of 10. A fine needle makes a fine stitch!

Gold'nGlide Applique Needles


You will absolutely LOVE these #11 applique needles. They are coated to make them glide through fabric with such ease! The gold eye make the needles easier to thread.

Gold'nGlide Quilting Betweens


These exceptional needles glide through your fabric and batting with ease. Even Batik fabrics quilt like a dream! The coating makes them easy to use and the gold eye makes them easy to thread!

Gold'nGlide Straw/Milliner Needles


And if you like stitching with the longer needle, you'll love this coated needle. The coating makes it glide through even the toughest Batik fabric! The gold eye is there for easy threading!

Kathy Delaney Needle Sampler - Colonial Needle Company


These needles make working with Batiks as easy as any other woven fabric! Four types of needles; a fine straw needle for most fabrics, a Gold'n Glide straw for Batiks, a fine between for hand quilting, and a Gold'n Glide between for Batiks. 16 needles total.

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