Simply Quilts!


I can't believe it! In the dead of a Kansas winter I went to sunny California where I taped a segment of SIMPLY QUILTS with Alex Anderson! My friend, Tresa Jones, went with me to carry quilts and took all these pictures for me!

I arrived at the studio, ready to go, at 7:45 am (a full 15 minutes before I was expected)! I was incredulous but not nervous - yet.

I even had my own dressing room!

This is Stephanie Gerard, my segment producer. We began by rehearsing back stage. She pretended the part of Alex and I tried to remember everything I knew about my subject. But surprisingly I was still quite calm.

Then we moved to the set and let the director and the cameraman know what it was I was planning to say and how I was going to move so they could keep up with me. Still not too nervous. After all, I should know the subject - I wrote a book! Right?! That's Linda Potter's quilt behind me.

Between segments we had to replace the items on the table with the next set of props, let the director and cameraman, and Alex, know what I'm going to do next and try very hard to calm down. NOW I WAS NERVOUS! Alex was so calm!

I was so scared I nearly broke my fingers holding on so tight! And I don't think my shoulders have ever been so close to my ears! As we worked I got more nervous, not more calm! (That's Tresa's quilt over my shoulder.)

Below are a couple of shots of the set.My Hearts And Butterflies quilt is the light one in the center. (Below left.) The first quilt on the left (below right) is my Whispers, quilted by Jeanne Zyck, from "A Heartland Album" and the quilt just to the right is by Charlotte Gurwell. Below it, on the back of the couch, is Kathy Berner's quilt.

When all was said and done, I did survive and I think I even had fun. The quilts all looked especially nice on the set. Sometimes I can't believe that that was really me! But I have pictures to prove it!

(Thanks, Tresa!)